Who we are

A forward-looking vehicle platform solving complex valuation of big ticket products.

Technologies today that can solve problematic issues of the past. At the start of the control of fire by early humans leading to technical revolution of today. We have passed through many phases of revolution where history erases the hardship we faced when without technology. Notably discovery of fire led to nightlife and cooked food, industrial revolution brought about steam engines which in turn has revolutionalised till today where air/sea/land transport network is so advanced and travelling time to the other part of world has shrunk from years to days.

Autoquote believes in embracing technology to improve issues and hassles. The question that came to our mind was “How much to evaluate an automotive best worth in the least possible time”. Our unique business model is ever changing, constantly reviewed, and enhanced to improve your selling experiences.

We link you to the highest buyer at a guaranteed price quote solution.


Autoquote is always evolving to better serve you.

Autoquote strives to bring intangible values to you.

To bring the best experiences to our customers and dealers.

We believe in PRICE



an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Autoquote is not just about bringing technology into our automotive world. Autoquote has the passion to solve issues that has surrounded us for the past decades where valuating is one of the toughest issues when it comes to big ticket products.



(of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

"babies are generally far more resilient than new parents realize"

Economic and pandemic setbacks have taught us more about being resilient Where everyone and industry reshape ourselves to face constant new challenges and the new post-pandemic world. Autoquote is a forward-looking company where we evolve to become the simplest form of valuation with the least possible effort from the sellers.



the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

"a gentleman of complete integrity"

Everyone within the company acts with integrity in our dealings with all parties.

We strongly believe in providing the most honest and upright quotation for all. Constantly improving our platform to facilitate 100% closing rate for all enquiries.

Customer Centric

/ˈkʌstəmə/ /ˈsɛntrɪk/

Our customer’s requirements and needs are of our most important aspect in our business growth. Our staffs are constantly engaging all customers to improve Autoquote. We are committed to improve the user experience in our solutions.



the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

We believe in having a strong team in Autoquote, placing ourselves in the shoe of the other to understand each other better. Regardless of departments in the company, customers or partners we strive to understand all better in order to provide the best solutions.


  • To revolutionize and add value to the Automobile industry
  • Create a new ecosystem for vehicle owners
  • To evolve and become the fastest way to sell big items


  • Being Singapore’s most advanced valuation platform
  • To embrace technology to create values
  • Create new solutions for future


Customer’s Satisfaction Guaranteed.

1 Hour Quotation and Instant payments

Fully automated quotation and touchless process

Simple data required and we will handle the rest


  • Doorstep evaluation
  • Automated SMS notifications
  • Finance Settlement
  • Hire Purchase/Loan
  • Vehicle Registration Number Retention
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • COE Bidding
  • Leasing/Rental
  • Market insights and Advisory
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