We are the easiest, fastest, simplest platform available in Singapore to sell your car. We can provide the fastest valuation in the market along with immediate funds transfer to your bank account. No more viewings at multiple locations, no more price haggling. Just simple honest deals. Our platform will link you to our network of highly competitive dealers virtually thus saving you precious time and effort.

One hour is all it takes for us to provide you with the highest quotation for your vehicle. We have an express on site evaluation service to help you complete your evaluation and vehicle sales all within the same day.

Autoquote is an automated platform where your car details and photos are forwarded to a panel of car dealers for a quotation bid and you will receive the highest bid price within 1 hour.

Simply key in:

  1. Vehicle registration Number
  2. Last 3 Digit and Alphabet of your NRIC/UEN
  3. Contact number
  4. Email address
  5. Estimated Mileage
  6. Some photos of your car

Once the price provided is of your satisfactory level, you can choose to arrange for an on-site appraisal by our in-house car inspectors. Thereafter a visual inspection, some data is collected from your car’s OBD and a short test drive will be done to provide the dealer with our report.

After reviewing our report, the dealer will finalise his quotation and you may choose to close the deal. A deposit amount will be transferred to the vehicle owner immediately.

We will require original NRIC for verification of ownership proof should you decide to go ahead with selling your car.

Transfer of ownership requires valid owner’s Singpass access via LTA’s Website.

If you are submitting a quotation on behalf, we will require the owner’s letter of authorization or to be present for verification during the sales transection and ownership transfer of the car.

As we are gathering the best quotes for your existing car, it will be best to provide clear suggested photos with any defects pre-highlighted to us in order to provide the most accurate quote. The reasons to highlight defects is when bidding starts our panel of dealers will factor in the repair cost required to remedy and provide you with the most competitive quote instead of reducing repair costs in the later stage when our appraiser comes for an on-site evaluation.

Suggested Photos to upload for a more accurate quotation.

1 Front Left 45degree

2 Front Right 45 degree

3 Rear Left 45 degree

4 Rear Right 45 degree

5 Rear Seats

6 Front Seats

7 Instrument cluster with engine running

8-10 Any defects to highlight


Photography errors to avoid

Over reflected photos

Blurred photos

Over/under exposed photographs

You have no obligations to sell after the final bid is presented to you after quotation or evaluation. You can just simply click the reject button at any point of time.

Our platform provides a binding agreement with the existing car dealers with written terms to safeguard both our sellers as well as dealers. Should there be any cancellation of accepted bids, Sellers will be compensated based on the terms and conditions set out. For more fine details, please visit our Terms & Condition page.

  • You will be notified via SMS when valuation starts.
  • You will be notified again via SMS and email with the highest value we received for your car.
  • Thereafter you have 48 hours to consider if you like to take up our offer. 

You can choose to resubmit your expired bid to allow the system to inform the last dealer on your new decision. The dealer will reassess your submission and choose to quote you as of the new valuation.

By providing us your car registration number and NRIC/UEN number we will retrieve your car registration details on LTA’s website. This information along with the photos you provided to us will be forwarded to all our dealers for a quotation. Quotation price might differ if defects are not pre-highlighted, therefore we strongly encourage sellers to specify any faults in the remark section before quotation starts.

Simply contact us:

Email: info@autoquote.sg

Call/Whatsapp Hotline: +65 88550101

Autoquote can provide any quote so long as the vehicle is a Singapore registered vehicle with Land Transport Authority. So long as you have a vehicle, we have a quote regardless of any condition for scrap, exporting, accident units, faulty engine, faulty gearbox, etc.

Do remember to choose the correct dropdown in the remarks section of the fault when submitting our online form.


We strongly encourage sellers to choose a longer handover date just in case you might require using the car a little longer. In event of a later handover date, our customer service advisor can renegotiate with the dealer to come to a compromise between the 2 parties.

Please give us 24 hours to obtain the highest and most accurate valuation for your car. If you require a quicker turnaround time, do let us know in advance. Our fastest valuation to date was completed in one hour.

Your car shall be valuated via our in house bidding system. Upon successful submission of your car details, our system will start valuation and will sms you the highest bid within an hour.

Our system will valuate your car based on the brand, model and registration date of the car and mileage. Should you have any items to highlight, simply let our customer service staff know so that they can help notify the dealers of your remarks.

You may select the Accept button once your bid is completed. This will allow our system to notify the dealer of your acceptance as well as to allow our staffs to visit you for a round of on-site inspection and evaluation.

AutoQuote can help gather quotation for all types of condition and faults. Our networks of dealers covers the entire network of niche dealers which can help offer the best prices no matter what condition it may be. Simply select the drop down option during submission to indicate that the engine is faulty for a faster and more accurate quotation.

At Autoquote, our system can help you source for the best possible price in the market regardless of gearbox failure. Our dealers will be able to quote you based on the cost reduction involved for the repair or replacement of the gearbox. This saves you the hassle to repair before selling it. Simply indicate at the remarks column during submission. This will allow the dealers to provide a more accurate quotation for your car.

AutoQuote can save you lots of time and effort in selling your non movable car. We are able to send our evaluators to your location to gather more information on your car to feed back to our platform for a more accurate and higher quotation. Simply call our hotline to make an appointment for an on-site evaluation.

AutoQuote can help you sell your deregistered car no matter if it has expired or have been deregistered.

Autoquote can help you source for the best price even if it is an accident vehicle. Simply because we are the only ones that have price for any car at any condition at any time.

As performance vehicles require a more specific set of skills, we will have to reassign the evaluation to a workshop for a more detailed evaluation.

Third Party workshop

Yes, of course! You can simply select reject at the end of the quotation at no cost to you. Our system will simply automate the rest of the process.

Our experience in buying used cars as well as our comprehensive market knowledge allows us to evaluate your car realistically. As your car will be put up for bidding on our auction platform, the final offer you receive may vary. If you are not satisfied with the bid received, there are no obligations for you to accept it.


A car that has gone through Autoquote's 100 points inspection before going up for auction has a higher chance of a more accurate quotation. You may choose to accept on the spot and receive a deposit once price is accepted by you.


The best way to sell your car will be via our online system. Without you having to travel all the way to the dealers to get a quotation. Simply key in some basic details of your car and upload some clear photos. Sit back relax and we shall valuate your car within an hour. Selling a car is no longer time consuming and difficult. Our friendly and experienced customer assistants to guide you through the entire process. Regardless of brand, condition or make, we connect you to the best prices. Simply try us out and sell your used car with us today for an additional $100 for all successful deals!

We accept all vehicles even if the vehicle does not move for bidding on our auction platform.

No, you won't be able to view the latest bids for your car.This is so as dealers may reprice their bids at anytime before expiry of the timer. At the end of the auction, you will be offered the highest bid received immediately with our auto SMS service.


In an unlikely situation where your car does not receive any bids, our administrator will restart the case for a new quote in the next available time slot.


A new SMS will be sent to you to schedule an inspection for your car at the agreed location. The inspection will be done by a third party workshop to verify and confirm any issues that may arise.

You will receive a Purchase Agreement from Autoquote for the cancellation of your insurance policy as well as written documentation of the handover date and time.

After receiving the highest bid from our system, you will have 48 hours to accept before it expires.

The bidder can only negotiate for a lower offer if he has found any defects/issues that were made known initially. You may reject the offer with no obligations.

The viewing and inspection of your car will at the convenience of your doorstep or any area deem possible for test drive.

When you accept an offer for your car, Autoquote will arrange a viewing/inspection to complete the standard checks.

Yes. Autoquote will assist every step from the start to completion.

No, Autoquote does not offer consignment services for your car. However our quotation has been proven to provide the best available quote possible for your car.

Our evaluators are Fully Vaccinated with MOH approved Vaccines. We perform weekly ART tests on site staffs and have strong work protocols to isolate the infected if identified to be positive. All evaluators shall sanitize their hands before carrying out inspections. All purchase process are touchless and paperless for strengthened safety measures in line with MOH’s recommendation.

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