Autoquote will provide a 60 minutes quotation to your vehicle from anywhere in Singapore.
Only 4 simple steps required
  1. Tell us about your vehicle via our online form: Autoquote.sg
  2. Wait for 60 minutes while we source for the best deal for you
  3. Book a schedule for our on-site appraisers where they will evaluate your car
  4. Accept our final offer and cash out immediate
Selling your car has never been that easy.

As our system is a valuation portal our valuation will start if the online form is submitted between 10am-6pm (+8 GMT) daily.

  • your online submission is sent anytime between 10am -6pm, your valuation should start within 15 mins from your submission on the same day.
  • your online submission is sent after 6pm, your valuation will start on the next day after 10 am.

As we hope to gather the best quotes for you, we seek your understanding that our valuators will be able to get more quotation during the day.

To schedule for our on-site evaluation:
  • Simply accept our initial quote before the 48 hours expiry
  • Select the convenient date and time
  • Key in your address that you wish to have your car evaluated
  • Submit the filled form to Autoquote
Wait for 30 mins for our evaluators to confirm the appointment

  1. You will receive an automated SMS on the confirmation of the appointment.
  2. You will be provided with the evaluator's name and contact number should you need to contact them of any changes.

To re-schedule date/time or location of your on-site evaluation:

Simply contact our hotline 88550101

Our on-site evaluation should not take more than 30 minutes.

Scope of coverage in Evaluation includes:
  • Visual inspection on your vehicle's body work and chassis points 
  • OBD electronics scan for any sensory errors
  • Undercarriage visual inspection for any leakage
  • Short test drive for engine and transmission checks
Test drives will be done with windows fully opened. Our evaluators are covered with Motor Trade Insurance for all vehicles that they test drive during evaluation.
As our evaluators will adhere to all safe distancing rules, our evaluators are fully vaccinated and regularly perform ART tests to lower any covid-19 risks.

There are some vehicles that will require Evaluation at workshops.

Vehicles that will have evaluation at workshop:
High Performace Cars 
Luxury Cars
Vintage Cars

As these cars have to be checked in more detail, we will arrange a workshop evaluation at our costs. Fully free of charged.
The workshops have more professional tests kits and tools for evaluation catered for your unique vehicle.

Evaluation at workshop will be fully appointment based and will be completed within an hour. Our on-site staffs will be there to assist the evaluation during the appointment.
Workshops are located across the different locations for your convenience.

Autoquote allows you to submit photos of your car during enquiry. 
We strongly advice you to provide some clear photos for a better quotation.
As valuation can be more accurate if photos are provided.

You can simply upload from your phone gallery directly to us at when filling up the quotation form. Autoquote.sg

Photos to provide
4 photos of the exterior of the car

2 - 3 photos of the interior

1 photo of the instrument cluster

Alternatively if you have submitted the form already, you forward the photos to our hotline staff via Whatsapp at 88550101 or email to info@autoquotes.sg

Even if you do not have photos to provide, Autoquote will still be able provide a valuation for you within 60 minutes

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